Nikos Chiadakis writes

Some time ago, the Kurdish daily newspaper, Özgür Politika, revealed in a revealing publication why the war began in Syria and what was the secret plan and which it called the “al-turka”, “alaturka” design.

The Kurdish newspaper had invoked the statements by the Kuwait Islamic Party General Secretary, Faysal El-Hamd, in Algerian television, according to which the plan whose main points were leaked to El Hamd by some members of the Syrian opposition was a special secret conference held on 3-11 November 2012 in Qatar.

In addition to Qatar, the Syrian opposition took place in the United States, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey. At this secret conference was drawn up the plan for the post-Asad era. The Foreign Affairs Minister of Qatar, Foreign Secretary of the United Arab Emirates, US Ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford, Syrian National Council representative Riyad Seyf and the deputy chief of the Islamic organization İhvan-i, Riyad Shakfa. At this secret conference held in Qatar, Doha, other Syrian opposition representatives who confessed to El-Hamd took part, in fact, a treacherous agreement for a treacherous plan that clearly serves the interests of the United States, Israel and Turkey

One of the key points of this secret plan, according to El-Hamd’s revelations, which has alarmed the Kurds to publish all the information they have, is that there is a secret agreement to exterminate all armed Kurdish groups that act in Syria to be officially described as the PKK as a terrorist organization with the prospect of definitive extermination, and as a first step all Kurds out of the Syrian territory.

The twelve signs of this secret plan that give the overall outline of the new situation that will emerge after the final overthrow of the current President of Syria, Assad, is as follows:

1) Syria will demilitarize. The Syrian army will be reduced to a symbolic force of 50,000 men and will have purely defensive tasks without any possibility of taking aggressive action.

2) Syria will essentially abandon any claim from the Golan Heights while a peace agreement between Syria and Israel will be signed under the auspices of the US and Qatar.

3) Syria’s chemical arsenal created by the Assad regime as well as all the missile arsenal will be transported to Jordan under US supervision.

4) Syria will abandon all its claims for the Hatay region of Turkey (annexed to Turkey in 1939, which has never been accepted by Syria) and will give Turkey the areas of Halep and İdlip which are located on the Turkish-Syrian border.

5) all PKK forces will be removed from Syria and delivered to those who want it. The PKK will be described as an outlawed terrorist organization.

6) All agreements signed by Syria with Russia and China on purchases of weapons systems and for refining existing ones will be canceled.

7) Qatar’s natural gas through pipelines from Syria and Turkey will be promoted in Europe, thus reducing Europe’s dependence on Russian gas.

8) From Turkey’s large Ataturk Dam, Turkey through Syria will channel water to Israel.

9) Qatar and the United Arab Emirates will undertake to rebuild all the destroyed buildings since the civil war in Syria. Construction companies of these states along with American companies will undertake the general reconstruction of the new Syria.

10) Syria’s relations with the countries of Iran Russia and China will be kept to a minimum, while at the same time all the Palestinian potential for warfare against Israel will be reduced.

11) A new constitution will be drawn up for Syria in which Islam will hold a prominent position.

12) This agreement will enter into force by the Syrian opposition when it takes power in its hands.

From all of these revelations, you come to the conclusion that this is a very thoughtful project that exclusively served the interests of the US, Israel and Turkey, with the cooperation of the Arab Gulf states.

But this project, as we know, has never been implemented because they had been aware of it without the … hotelier! And the hotelier was Russia, which had overturned all the data and ultimately dominated as the defining player in the Syrian puzzles.


Journalist- Writer-Tourcologist



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