He writes editorial team of Cheileadis

Saturday, January 26, 2019 was from 18 to 22 hours planning a celebration for the yellow vests from the Republic Square. It is logged in and approved. Tents, food and drink hangars and an audio system (exceptionally) were installed. Along the way, in Place de la Bastille, one of the founders of the project, Jérome Rodrigous, deliberately shot him face to face with a rubber sphere while filming. In fact, he was shot in the eye. Depressed paramedics did the best to keep him calm and comfortable until an ambulance arrives. Meanwhile, the scenes were demolished, the benches and the sound system were removed.

Supplement: Meanwhile there is a message that the shot was five meters away. At this distance, a ball of rubber on the head can also be deadly … so you have to assume it was an attempted murder

And what is the government’s answer? Oppression, contempt, absurdity. Dead and thousands injured. The mass use of weapons that cripple, injure and injure people. Thousands of people were arbitrarily condemned and imprisoned. And now the new anti-casket law should prevent us from demonstrating. We condemn all kinds of violence against protesters, whether by the police or by violent groups. None of these will stop us! Demonstration is a fundamental right. Stop the impunity of law enforcement! Amnesty for all victims of repression!

After committing some of the toughest acts of torture and executions to civilians, these producers of crimes against humanity and genocide will retain their French citizenship and will probably be able to reactivate their social benefits. I wonder if anyone will earn millions of dollars, just as Justin Trudeau gave a returning terrorist?

And what a prank is the government’s campaign, called “Great National Debate”, which is instrumental in our own will to discuss and decide! Real democracy is applied to our meetings, our circular crossings, neither on the TV nor at the pocket-round tables organized by Macron.

At present hundreds of meetings are being prepared and their own requirements are proposed. It is real democracy, social and fiscal justice, working conditions, ecological and climate justice and the end of discrimination.

In addition to fully armed special forces that systematically injure protesters, False Flag terrorist attacks, and proton agents, Macron is now trying to react. They are called “Les Foulards Rouges” (“The Red Scarves”). By arguing that Yellow West violence does not show violence, it is no secret that violence comes from the Macron regime. There are countless videos proving that this injustice regime attacks people mercilessly.

Like all Macron’s disappointing efforts, this new (fascist) fake “movement” will also fail. This puppet, with its greed for power, is heading for a very unpleasant fate.

“On Sunday, a contrast to” yellow vests “wants to get into the streets for the first time: a team called” foulards rouges “asked for a walk in Bastille early in the afternoon. Under the slogan “Stop it – that’s enough” wants to show up against violence in the protests of “yellow vests” lasting more than two months. Laurent Soulié, the founder of the red scarf, is near the Republic in Motion party by President Emmanuel Macron. »

We will win this struggle, beat us, shoot us, do not listen to us, but we will insist until this government is gone, let us pour our own blood, but that injustice must finally stop. Let the army down, the power is the people, for if it is determined it can succeed everything and change the story.

Boldness and determination


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