Right to Reply 1 – Evidence to Clear My Name (Stop 007)

Right to Reply 1 – Evidence to Clear My Name (Stop 007)

Dr. Katherine Horton uses her right to reply to the accusations and allegations levelled at her by her two former colleagues Ramola Dharmaraj and Melanie Vritschan in the videos linked below.





Report #99: Melanie and Ramola D on Katherine Horton’s Defamation Campaign (2 December 2018)



Report # 103: Melanie and Ramola D on Katherine Horton’s Intensified & Expanded Defamation Campaign (15 December 2018)



Ramola Dharmaraj’s Defamation Campaign documented:





0:00 Damage Caused by the Defamation Campaign

10:00 Fair Use Legislation & Replying Sentence-by-Sentence


20:00 Allegation of Running a Defamation Campaign against Ramola and against Melanie

50:00 Ramola Lying and Melanie’s Body Language Showing the Lie

54:15 Accusations about Dr. Horton’s video “Dos & Don’ts”


Start of the section on Ramola’s and Melanie’s actions at 1:50:30


1:00:20 Accusations of “Foul Language”

1:14:55 The Real Reason The Techno Forum Broke Up

1:18:20 Ramola & Melanie Enjoying the Campaign Against Me

1:21:30 Attacks on “Other Human Rights Activists, True Activists”

1:23:40 “Stepping off any kind of normal or understandable or comprehensible behaviour”

1:30:20 Lie! Have NOT been sent anything by Ramola!

1:34:44 Smear of “ranting and raving”

1:35:25 Allegations of “Echo-Stalking” and Copyrighted way of pushing hair out of one’s face

1:38:55 Accusation of “ranted and raved for 4 HOURS!!!”

1:48:25 “Blood on Their Hands” Title – Changed as it was a legacy title.

1:51:55 People on the Blacklist:

1:52:00 Bryan Tew

1:52:50 Todd Giffen https://stop007.org/home/black-list/todd-giffen/

1:54:30 Dr. Robert Duncan https://stop007.org/home/black-list/duncan/

1:57:40 Ani Kaspar

1:58:50 Thomas McFarlan

2:01:15 Ramola’s image on the page about Ramola

2:02:52 Using Ramola’s full name instead of “Ramola D”

2:08:28 “A very clever way of running a defamation campaign” on Ramola and naming it with Ramola’s name and “daring to say that it is Ramola’s defamation campaign”

2:12:04 NOTE: “In the course of this long story over here SHE HAS SET UP” – STATING FACTS IS NOT SETTING UP A STORY!!!

2:12:30 Allegations of lying by Melanie: “By the end of this broadcast, we will see totally through her lies” – NO EVIDENCE OF LYING IS PRESENTED.

2:16:16 Melanie says “I will not speak about Katherine Horton any more in public” and breaks that promise less than 2 weeks later when Ramola and Melanie bring out their next 1.5 hour defamation video in Report #103 linked above.

2:20:20 “Katherine claiming that she was so shocked and upset” being accused of being an agent or even a double agent


2:47:25 Am I Jewish?

2:52:40 Circumcision in America

3:02:10 Accusation of calling everybody an agent

3:04:22 Accusation of calling Melanie’s family agents

3:05:55 Accusation of calling the microwave weapons expert an agent

3:07:28 Accusation of calling people in the street agents

3:17:30 Accusation of calling Elke Malone an agent

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